The bracelet is made of Rose Quartz, Tiger’s Eye and Howlite with Tree of Life charm.

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This gemstone pink Tiger’s Eye bracelet with Howlite, Rose Quartz and Tree of Life charm is one of our favourite ones. It makes such a perfect combination with the bracelet Temptation and Wedding Special 🙂

Healing effects of Minerals

Rose Quartz is a mineral of love, beauty and harmony. It helps you to love and trust yourself, to forgive yourself and others and brings love, inner peace and well-being to your life. It has a beneficial effect on the heart and circulatory system and removes harmful substances from the body.

Tiger’s Eye is a protective gemstone that people have worn since ancient times as a talisman to protect them from negative thoughts or even curses. He can give encouragement and motivation. It is a stone that can balance the activity of both our hemispheres and help solve dilemmas and conflicts. It also helps with the breakdown of self-criticism and the inability to recognize the prize itself and to be glad. It further suppresses depression and improves mood?

Howlite is a mineral that delivers a deep sense of calm and relief and is suitable for meditation, relaxation, or as a relief from a stressful situation. It also helps us become more resistant to stress and to overcome nervousness better. It is used for detoxification, it releases muscles and cramps, supposedly lowers cholesterol, helps with migraines and menstrual pain, treatment of intestines, stomach and abdomen.

Size of Bracelets

We use transparent elastic fibre for making bracelets and the size is universal – approximately 18-19 cm according to the size of beads. It fits for wrists of 16-17 cm. The size of beads is 8 mm.

Every single bracelet is handmade with love and passion. I am the only one who is making them which means I have a great opportunity to check both quality of made bracelets and quality of used beads. For making bracelets I choose the best quality beads so that I am really satisfied with it. Before launching a new bracelet there is always a long process of researching and choosing the best supplier of beads and trying many kind of mineral gemstones before finding in my opinion the best ones.

I hope and believe that you will love our bracelets and choose the right one for you whenever you choose it by your eyes or you read about minerals and their healing power.

If you want to see some more pictures which could help you to decide about the right bracelet for you don’t forget to check our Gallery! 🙂


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